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Hello Just Dancers...

For the first time in 27 years, we are appealing to the JD community for financial support.

Just Dance is an officially registered BC nonprofit society that has thrived by keeping its costs low and benefited from the continued support of an amazing volunteer community. This way, we have managed to cover our costs and in some years even been able donated our extra proceeds to many different local charities and nonprofit organizations.

Unfortunately, in the last two years, we haven't been able to cover our costs and have accumulated a debt of over $3000. Because of this, we are making many changes to JD with the goal of bringing our books in the black again. Because our debt rests solely on the main organizer, it has been suggested for us to reach out to the community for support.


Please know that any donation, of any amount, will have a very positive impact. They will ensure the continuity of Just Dance and bring much needed relief.


All of us have been more than happy to donate countless volunteer hours for Just Dance to thrive for 26 years, yet are not in personal positions to financially support the current downfall.

Please visit our GoFundMe Page

Heartfelt Thanks in advance!!!

PS please kindly consider sharing on your social networks.

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