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7:30 Active Meditation - 9:00 Dance

$20 (cash at the door)

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The Just Dance Core Group


Founder, producer and resident DJ 


Resident VJ 

Raghunath Khe

Resident DJ and organizer



Active meditation guide

The Just Dance Intention

What is Just Dance


Just Dance is a non-profit organization that offers twice a month dance events, blending World Music with both eclectic acoustic and electronic rhythms,

all in a free-form dance environment.

  As a refreshing alternative to the

'club scene' , Just Dance is an alcohol

free event that provides our vibrant

community of music lovers, a safe

space to express. Dancers connect

to the beats from many DJs and the occasional live music. Come join us and dance the way YOU want!

 We offer a powerful, transformational dance experience called Journeys.

Each event has a different theme

with a facilitator using different

movement modalities.

What to expect


The "Just Dancers" come from the mosaic that forms our collective community. On any given event, you may see teachers, yoga instructors, students, small children playing with pre-teens and seasoned dance floor ninjas still enjoying a good beat well into their grand-parenting age!


  For anyone who loves to dance, we offer an open minded, relaxed environment for pure fun and self expression! Just Dance welcomes new friends and long time fans of movement and music to come relax from their week, dance wildly, let loose or simply quietly stretch and absorb the energy of the free form motion around the room.

Our venue


  Our beautiful hall is an unpretentious theater style venue with open ceilings and a very spacious wood-finished dance floor. If you wish to rest or watch the movement of other dancers, chairs are arranged around the perimeter of the space.

  A large stage is used by dancers, hoola and poi artists, offering a different perspective of the hall with all its colored and laser lights and video projection.

  In order to protect  the floor we recommend soft-soled shoes or as many prefer, dancing bare feet. There is no dress code per se; it is what ever suits your fancy and comfort. Bring layers as the temperature during the evening fluctuates.

Our pre-event meditation


 Before each event, at 7:30 pm, we offer a free 1-hour meditation called OSHO Kundalini Meditation. This active meditation is designed to calm the mind, get you into the body and centered. It will support you in letting go of the week

and enjoy a vibrant mind/body

dance experience.

Both first-timers and experienced meditators can benefit from this meditation. The format is clearly explained and easy to follow as it unfolds along specifically designed tracks. Kundalini meditation has 4 stages of 15 minutes each. The first two allow for 30 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of stillness and silence. 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early as the meditation description prefaces

the 7:30 pm start. 

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