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What just a few of the dancers are saying...

"Just Dance is a wonderful alcohol-free venue where the dancers are free to express themselves in most creative and joyful ways. Even watching the people dancing is great fun. It is truly one of the reason Vancouver is a great place to be, and to be just dancing!"

Joseph Roberts, Publisher of Common Ground Magazine

"In the unique Just Dance environment, not only did I feel a strong sense of community but also that one's heart can't help but appreciate what is being offered - a chance to 'Just Dance' with no strings attached"

Sonya Weir, editor of Shared Vision Magazine

"I had such an amazing time! An eclectic crowd of friendly people dancing their hearts out. I usually don't feel comfortable dancing in public. Even though I went alone, and as a woman I felt welcome and comfortable. This was so much fun!"

Anna Isaacs 

"Just Dance... what a wonderful, safe, electric, fun, relaxing, comfortable, joyous space to dance. I enjoy just watching the various expressions of dance by the sweet collection of folk present - all ages, all styles of fashion, all manner of body - flexing and gyrating expression. Who'd thought you could have this much fun without alcohol!" 

Tom Tompkins

"What I love most about JD is the inclusivity, there is space for everyone to come and be themselves. The range of ages and the beauty of people simply being themselves is so lovely and heartening. I have been going for 11 years now, I always feel welcome, and very safe as a woman on my own. So thank you so much JUST DANCE!!!"


Rizze Y.



"I am so grateful to have the unique container that Just Dance provides. In a nutshell...great music, lots of room to move, freedom, and open hearted community. I walk in, i breath, my heart smiles, i feel the beat and as my feet enter the dream I leave behind all that is not serving me or others. By the end of the nite, body and soul are giggling!

Laura T.

"Just Dance is fun because of all the wonderful and awesome dancers who inspire my soul."

Richard Campbell

"I love JD because it's the only place in town that's nonjudgemental, freeing and, the big one for me, alcohol free, good music, healthy environment, and nice people who there to just dance."

Meharoona Ghani

"Yeah!! I can dance here like I can dance only in my living room."

Nita T.

"The pre-dance meditations offers a unique approach to sharing a creative space safely and naturally.Followed of course by masterful DJs of eclectic musical world rhythms." 

Sally Ross

"Just Dance has allowed me to know myself more. I am free to express myself however I want to." 

Sorina S.

"Thanks for a fun night! the meditation was engaging and grounding and i enjoyed the open, fun dance vibe"

Jenna Card 

"Everything I always wanted from dancing but was afraid to ask and do."

Judy Lea

"There is always a great crowd of positive and friendly people."


Troy Penzer

"Why do I love JD?  OMG, where to start. Because it is run by love (aka volunteers). And the music is energetic and ecclectic, just like the crowd. And it’s okay to be midlife and prance barefoot on the wooden dance floor. Ya don’t have to guard against random pickups and connection is only a smile away. It gets Ecstatic. I can go as BIG as I want or retreat within. The beauty of moving with my community repairs me every time. A big shout out for JD!"

Sara Kammerzell

"Just Dance is the perfect place for me to de-stress from the week and get back to my centre."

Carla R.

"Just the movement of my body and my spirit in blissful ecstasy until exhaustion! It is the awesome exchange of body language in the full expression of the community feeling."

Ghee Vera

"We are the Just Dance - uniquely outstanding, sense of safety, sense of community. Fun? Absolutely!!! Dance - it's the air that we breathe in trust with each other - rare and special."


"Worth the drive from Seattle!"


"Amazing vibe, very fun, great atmosphere, and great space to move your body in!!! Love the music, and always fun to watch others dance."

Bonnie Davis

"Thank you for an incredible night of dancing last night. What an inspiring and fun workout it was."

Eric Bowers 



"Been going for years - really enjoy the acceptance. and freedom to express with movement. The volunteers and organizers are always welcoming. I often go without having spoken a word to anyone. Pure fun and joy."

Lorraine Smith

"Incredible music, amazing people, vibrant energy! I get equally excited for every single evemt!"

Yogiraj D.

I feel free to dance my daily worries away, to express my joy in a vibrant space of non-conditional movement and expression. The individual is honoured and the beat revived.  It is rare to have a public place in which we can attend to ourselves fully and at the same time be part of the larger collective - dance with others, stay with myself or find myself intrigued, engaged and spinning the most beautiful poem in the form of dance.

Gale Penhall

"I reached a point where I could no longer feel my body, yet at the same moment I have never been more aware of it. Beautiful visions of self and creation unfold here with only the magic of Dance."

Sydnie Johnson

"I tried so many times–going to clubs for my dancing, yet it is at Just Dance that I found exactly what I’m looking for.  Dancing without the attitude and fun and relaxed people"

Linda Ross

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