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You are invited...

In the past 29 years, Just Dance, a nonprofit event, has prevailed and thrived because of the continued contributions from our fabulous volunteers!

To keep happening and flourishing, Just Dance needs support from existing and new volunteers alike who share the responsibilities and the good times as they sustain an event that entertains, connects and enlivens as well as helps many nonprofit organizations, as we donate our proceeds.


Volunteering is also a great opportunity to meet new people and ease your integration in a vibrant, fun and likeminded community.

There are many opportunities for those who simply wish to volunteer occasionally, all the way to being part of the regular core group of volunteers. If you wish to share your gifts and talents to create a positive change, look at the options below, email us to let us know how you want to jump in!


We are supporting a fun volunteering atmosphere that encourages everyone to give of themselves from their passion. There are many different tasks, small or big for you to choose depending on your available time and on what you feel drawn to offer. 

At the dance:
   - set-up

   - break down
   - chai bar coordinator

   - chai walla (making)
   - chai bar attendee
   - greeting at the door
   - maintenance

Or anything else you would love to contribute to Just Dance!

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We have an outstanding volunteer coordinator who will welcome you and help you make the most of your experience. All volunteer tasks are well organized and have flexible commitments. We provide all the information needed to easily get you going. 

To facilitate the organization, positions can be filled using a simple online system. 

Besides getting free admission to Just Dance, meeting likeminded individuals, the feel good experience of giving of yourself, volunteers can also enjoy our volunteer parties when we socialize while enjoying food.

If you're interested in joining our volunteer crew or have more questions, email us, and our volunteer coordinator will soon contact you.

About - Volunteering - Top Ten


-   Be part of an event that has donated thousands of dollars to many local             charities and nonprofits organizations
-    Support a unique event that offers Vancouver a unique opportunity to                 dance in a positive party environment
-   Get to know new people and meet volunteers who are easy-going and fun

-   A place to be creative, do what you love to do and offer your gifts

-   Have an opinion and a role in how Just Dance will expand
-   See how your contribution makes a difference and transforms many people
-   Free entrance to Just Dance
-   Because giving of yourself feels great!

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