LIVE Fusion with Desert Samurai

Plus opening set by DJ Abheeru + VJ Kashub 

New Year... New Decade... and a brand new Just Dance experience for you!

Desert Samurai is a truly new and unique fusion of middle eastern melodies, invented instruments, and Japanese Taiko drums!! Evoking imagery of the Sahara Desert and ancient Japan, mystical ambient melodies, combined with the irresistible Japanese drums carry you on a dance experience you will not soon forget.

Also new at Just Dance, Desert Samurai will be performing from the center of the dance floor!!! This is a tradition in many Moroccan markets which will add to the exotic nature of the evening. So not only will you hear the music, you will also closely witness and feel the musician's outwardly talents and passion!!

Desert Samurai is a duo formed by Andrew Kim (formerly of Delhi 2 Dublin) and Nori Akagi. Andrew will perform on his unique invented instruments such as the Persian Tennis Racquet and Moroccan bass banjo while Nori will be on traditional Japanese Taiko drums.

For this performance only, they will be joined by virtuoso violist Julia Kim (Andrew's sister) who is visiting from Bhutan. Julia has performed extensively with several bands in Africa and Bhutan. Joining them will be percussionist Christian Borrego who has played in Mexico and Canada.

Opening the evening will be DJ Abheeru who will serve a generous smorgasbord of freshly unearthed Global Fusion beats.

Exquisite visuals for the evening will be crafted live by the JD resident VJ Kashub.

7:30pm :: Optional Active Meditation

9:00pm :: DJ Abheeru

10:15 :: Desert Samurai






w/ DJ's Asha (Iran) + Raghunath Khe

— Aurora // clear winter skies in the north give way to waves of ionic excitement, vibrant beams of light, and iridescent colours —


For our second gathering of the new year we are delighted to welcome for the first time at Just Dance, Asha!

An established DJ and event organizer belonging to the conscious dance community in Goa, and his homeland Iran, Asha is now based in Vancouver. Known for his exquisite track selection, and ability to create a beautiful flow to sink deeply into, he brings an expansive, energetic, and uplifting range of soundscapes to captivate and motivate the dancefloor. For Aurora, he will be initiating the space, and skillfully bringing the dancers up to and into the peak of the night with the likes of global psydub, deep world house, and organic bass-infused flavours from his homeland and beyond.

Midway into the arc of the night, JD co-resident Raghunath Khe tags in, holding the pace, and finally releasing it into a sweet, soft, ecstatic landing. Expect a solid and ingenious flow of current tracks from some of the most pertinent and innovative composers of the global underground. Driving ancestral rhythms, blissed-out bass, ethereal frequencies.

Dreamy + shimmering visuals will be sculpted live by the fabulous VJ Kashub.

♡ See you on the dancefloor! ♡

7:30pm :: Optional Active Meditation

9:00pm :: Asha

10:30pm :: Raghunath Khe





Journeys: Eternal Embodiment

Facilitation by Laura Ahava

In a ceremonial container, we honor the eternal flame that brings us together through ecstatic dance. With music that draws upon tribal rhythms we are guided into a receptive state to embody the rhythms of our inner journey which moves us and inspires us to be fully and completely who we are.


We will dance through the polarities of our experiences with humor and humility and return again, again and again to our eternal nature. With an open heart we embrace all that we are to embody.


Let’s play, get wild, and have some fun! In 2020, we anchor in our embodied visions to be & witness each other in our unique expressions! This is a gift to come together and share our light, we are all just dancing each other home ....


See you on the dance floor!

7:30pm :: Optional Active Meditation

9:00pm :: Journeys

7:30 Active Meditation - 9:00 Dance

$20 (cash at the door)

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