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Desert Samurai is a truly new and unique fusion of middle eastern melodies, invented instruments, and Japanese Taiko drums!! Evoking imagery of the Sahara Desert and ancient Japan, mystical ambient melodies, combined with the irresistible Japanese drums carry you on a dance experience you will not soon forget.

Also new at Just Dance, Desert Samurai will be performing from the center of the dance floor!!! This is a tradition in many Moroccan markets which will add to the exotic nature of the evening. So not only will you hear the music, you will also closely witness and feel the musician's outwardly talents and passion!!


Desert Samurai is a duo formed by Andrew Kim (formerly of Delhi 2 Dublin) and Nori Akagi. Andrew will perform on his unique invented instruments such as the Persian Tennis Racquet and Moroccan bass banjo while Nori will be on traditional Japanese Taiko drums.


For this performance only, they will be joined by Ukranian multi-instrumentalist Boris Sichon, bassist Greg Valou and percussionists Curtis Andrews and Christian Borrego!

Opening the evening will be our co-resident DJ who will serve a generous smorgasbord of freshly unearthed Global Fusion beats.

Exquisite visuals for the evening will be crafted live by the JD resident VJ Kashub.

See you on the dance floor!
The Just Dance Team

Note: to adequately support those talented musicians, door will be $25. 


DEC 16



w/ DJs LeakyBeats + Raghunath Khe

Winter Solstice fast approaches, when the nights begin to shorten, and the sun initiates its welcome return to the Northern hemisphere.

It’s chilly outside and the light is dim, but inside we will be warm and dancing up a storm! In diverse traditions throughout the globe, coming together on the solstice for dance, fun, and wild frolics is commonplace for keeping spirits high and remembering the rare blessing that friendship and community bring. For some it is also an opportunity for honouring one’s shadow with personal reflection or sharing stories. Whatever your intentions and practices for this evening, you are most welcome!
Just Dance co-resident dj, Raghunath Khe, and the fabulous LeakyBeats join forces once again to bring you a phenomenal evening of choice music and community magic. Together they’ll weave an exquisite soundtrack, exploring diverse rhythms, textures, and tempos from all corners of the globe. Expect a deluge of stellar selections from some of the world’s most talented and pertinent producers. Sweet bass, delicious grooves, ethereal frequencies. It's gonna get sweaty!

Frosty + festive visuals for the evening will be crafted live by the brilliant VJ Kashub.

♡ See you on the dance-floor! ♡