DJ Abheeru and VJ Kashub

How would you like to paint more music in your world?

​How about mixing all the hues and shades of Global Fusion Music... Dance... Expression... Freedom... Connection... Play...


This is what you are invited to experience at Just Dance on March 13 as DJ Abheeru will improvise a sonic painting from a wide palette of thousands of the finest songs from around the world to move your body and spirit into a kaleidoscope of colors.


After several months of inviting other creatives to share his JD monthly event, Abheeru is eager to offer a full 3 hour set in which he will have all the freedom and time to deeply tune into the vibe on the dance floor. This will allow him to sketch an aural canvas for the dancers' delight by sharing his deep passion for uncovering magical sounds and beats.


To add more colors to your experience, our resident VJ Kashub will cast live graphics with his renowned creative motion and flair.


See you on the illuminated dance floor!

More event info & RSVP on the Facebook Event Page







DJ Raghunath Khe (Open to Close)

— presence // a beautiful untouched unfolding + the essence of movement —


Just Dance invites you to a delicious evening of ecstatic sound vibrations, fun, friends, and uninhibited dance expression・°☆


Music excites, propels, lures, and communicates. Movement comes spontaneously aside from judgement.


Raghunath Khe curates an exuberant 3-hour soundtrack creating ample opportunities for a dynamic, immersive dance experience. From exhilarating peaks to beautiful, expansive refrains, and all spaces in between. An abundance of eclectic rhythms, sweet bass, and ethereal frequencies emanating from many corners of the globe. Source-sound transmissions shaped by the hearts and minds of some of the worlds most innovative musicians, composers, and producers.


Exceptional visuals meticulously crafted live by the fabulous VJ Kashub.

♡ See you on the dancefloor! ♡