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with Shine, Curtis Andrews and DJ Abheeru 

Just Dance is finally back from its summer break!

And we are thrilled to be launching our Season 29 with a Bang!!

For our first dance, we will spoil the Just Dance community with very special guest Shine. His previous appearance was a thunderous success with a dance floor that was

set ablaze by this truly inspired Australian multi-instrumentalist. Shine will be joined by percussionist wizard Curtis Andrew, a well-known musical and rhythm force in the live World Music scene. The pair will at times jam as a duo and also with the out-of-this-world-(beat) tracks laid down by Just Dance resident DJ Abheeru.


The rest of the evening will feature DJ Abheeru solo. He has been itching to spin the collection of hot new Global Fusion tracks amassed during the summer months. He is equally awaiting the delightful opportunity to soak up the vibrant Just Dance community energy, openness and joie de vivre.


So come and warm up our exquisite dance floor with your sunny summer vibes and delicious dance moves.


See you on the dance floor!

The Just Dance Team


7:30 pm :: Optional Active Meditation

9:00 pm :: Shine, Curtis Andrews & DJ Abheeru

Cost for Live event: $25 at the door

Events - Event 2


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AURELIA : Fall Equinox

w/ dj Raghunath Khe

We are delighted to present the fifth instalment of our annual fall equinox celebration, Aurelia!

The harvest moon is approaching, the seasons are shifting, and night and day becomes equipoised. In many traditions this is a time for reflecting on the balance (or any lack of) in our lives, and for offering gratitude to our mother Gaia for her perpetual love, care, and nourishment. It’s also a time for coming together in dance and celebration ✨

Just Dance co-resident dj Raghunath Khe returns for their first night of the 29th season. Expect a plethora of newly emerging organic electronic vibrations, from some of our planets most innovative and compelling producers, musicians, and composers. A 3-hour intuited flow of futuristic global sounds exploring a full range of rhythm, expression, and intensity.

♡ See you on the dance-floor! ♡

Events - Event 3
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