Get into your Wildest Self and dance to a frenzy...

If you have ever been to a JD Halloween Bash, you know things can get wild! And that's thanks to you the dancers who are letting your wildest streaks of creativity bring to life a wicked collection of characters! And those unleashed characters sure have all the freedom of the (under)world to dance to an absolute frenzy!!

To help spur this playful dancing madness, we will have very special guest DJ ElementalRhythm and co-resident DJ Abheerooo spice up a supernatural sonic potion of hypnotic and infectious beats from all over the world. Prizes will be splashed around for best costumes and impersonations!

We don't do this bash every year. So don't miss out, get the playful, weird and bizarre out of your persona closet and prepare to be shockingly amused while sweating to some dreadfully good blood curling and toe tickling Global Fusion music!

PS free storage for flying brooms, spare eyeballs, lizard brain power drinks,...
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Deliciously sublime visuals for the evening will be crafted live by the talented VJ Kashub.

7:30pm :: Optional Active Meditation

9:00pm :: DJ Abheeru

10:15 :: DJ ElementalRhythm






DJs Pacha Papa x Raghunath Khe (tag-team set!)

Innovative sonic selectors and music creators Pacha Papa + Raghunath Khe re-unite for another fabulous 3-hour tropical’esque tag-team session, and some serious mind.meld.magick ·:*:·゚☆


The previous two instalments were soooo amazing, we just can’t say no to another!


Expect a delicious and highly-danceable intuited collaboration from this pair, delivering succulent and sensational sounds from some of the worlds most talented and pertinent producers, all wrapped up in a beautiful flow that is sure to keep you moving strong until the last beat drops. Anticipate a wide diversity of flavours and styles, but to give you an inkling imagine the more spicy and exuberant side of 4/4 forms - house, tech, global, and bass-driven-120+, eloquently infused with earth-rooted vibrations and a tropical flair.


It’s cold outside, but it’s warm in here!. No strict dress code, but bright colours, bold floral prints, and other similar island attire encouraged!


Vibrant visuals for the evening will be crafted live by the brilliant VJ Kashub.

♡ See you on the dancefloor! ♡





Freedom of the Mind through Movement 

Freedom of Movement through Mindfulness 

with facilitator Rahel Claman

Liberate your mind by allowing space for mindful movement.

In this Journey, dancers will be encouraged to unleash their creative spirit, find more ease and comfort in the flow of improvisation, and enjoy the freedom of physical expression without the burden of the mind.


Explore how creating certain boundaries or constraints for different types of movement can actually free you from the creative blocks of self doubt and over analysis.


There is freedom in control, and control in freedom...

and there is deep healing and joy to be had when we tap into this ironic truth.

More event info & RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

7:30 Active Meditation - 9:00 Dance

$15 to $20 sliding scale 

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