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Events - Event 1


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Special guest David Yates + DJ Abheeru & VJ Kashub


Ready to dance to an epic Kaleidoscope of grooves from around the world and experience a unique Sound Bath?


Join our second last dance before our annual summer break with the LIVE MUSIC of very special guest multi-instrumentalist David Yates and JD co-resident DJ Abheeru as they will blend the many colors of earth-spanning sonic odyssey of tribal rhythms and global-infused bass vibrations.

Together they will take you on an exploration of the diverse beats and voices spanning many cultures and traditions. Be prepared to taste the musical traditional sources that will include the contemporary edge of the global sound.


Just Dance is stoked to welcome David who has an unquenchable curiosity and a passion for what is heartfelt and soulful and his music calls to all the beating hearts, inviting deeper presence, feeling, and play. He will perform on the didjeridoo, hang pan, flutes and sansula.


David will also conclude the evening by offering a solo Sound Bath experience; a delightful meditative practice involving the use of resonant instruments to “bathe” everyone in relaxing and integrating sound waves.


Let's come together in dance, music, and community, and prepare yourself for one magical night where you can express your many colors, let lose and connect!


Glowing and colorful uniquely crafted visuals for this evening will be provided by VJ Kashub


**Please consider supporting JD and sharing this event with your friends & community **

See you on the dance-floor!

Events - Event 2



w/ DJs Abheeru + Raghunath Khe

and 2 Sound Baths by Gin Perry

It’s been a full and ecstatic 29th season of Just Dance, but as always, with the coming of the solstice we get ready to take a balmy summer break, returning in true form in September.

However, as is the tradition we’re certainly not going out without a bang! Just Dance co-resident DJs Abheeru and Raghunath Khe join forces to deliver a sweet

plethora of delectable sounds emanating from all corners of the globe that are sure to keep you moving strong until the last beat drops! Expect a fun and fabulous night of dance, community, connection, and scintillating heart-centred organic electronic vibrations ✨

As a special addition, we are once again delighted to welcome ceremonialist Gin Perry who will facilitate a sound bath at both the beginning and the end of the night.

Lush radiant summer-vibe visuals crafted live by the talented VJ Kashub 🏝️🍦☀️


♡ See you on the dancefloor! ♡

Events - Event 3
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