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GREEN.EYED.LION aka Osman Okey

+ opening set by DJ Abheeru

Just Dance is stoked to welcome DJ, master drummer, singer, songwriter, multinational, multilingual, multi-talented Green.Eyed.Lion!!

With DJ Green.Eyed.Lion, aka Osman Okey, you can expect to dance your feet off and he will take you on a mesmerizing journey through Africa, the Middle-East, Europe and beyond with a sprinkle of house music here and there!!

Osman is also a master drummer and will infuse the evening with passionate djembe playing featuring rhythms from West Africa. His musical roots run deep as is originally from Nigeria and born into a family of artists and musicians.  He has been cultivating beats from his Igbo culture from an early childhood and brings many other rhythmic elements from all his travels around the world. Osman has collaborated with several master drummers such as Amara Kante, Amadou Kienou and Mohammed Djarby. He toured and played in numerous festivals, created his own MoptiDrums ensemble promotes West African percussion and culture with his own Safari Nites events!

Opening the evening will be DJ Abheeru is known for taping into an extensive palette of genres and styles from far-reaching locations around the world. His main passion is to infuse and mix a wide-range of musical organic elements and instruments from many diverse cultures and to blend those with delectable modern dance beats. The results are exquisitely creative dance sets that will keep your dancing soul and shoes happy

Visuals will be crafted live by our resident and talented VJ, Kashub who will make his first appearance since JD return. We can't wait to witness his unique talents as he will paint our musical landscape with live imagery to further transport us on a journey soon not be forgotten.


See you on the dance floor!

The Just Dance Team

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DJ's LeakyBeats + Raghunath Khe

It’s been a short but oh-so-sweet season of Just Dance and alas the first day of summer is quickly approaching. As always, JD goes into its annual summer break until September, but not without one last epic celebration!

For this years season finale, we are delighted to welcome back LeakyBeats!

A connoisseur of exquisite track selection, LeakyBeats supplies a choice blend of organic deep bass explorations, earth-rooted rhythms, and uplifting progressions providing diverse opportunities for creative movement + magick.

JD co-resident dj Raghunath Khe plays the first half of the evening, initiating the sound from the ground + up, skillfully inching the energy progressively higher and into the peak of the dance. Anticipate a sophisticated and vibrant mix of highly-danceable vibrations from some of the worlds most innovative musicians and producers. Delicious basslines, ecstatic rhythms, and blissed-out frequencies.

♡ See you on the dancefloor! ♡