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Events - Event 1


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with DJ Abheeru + 2 LIVE musicians

With only 2 events left before our summer break, you are invited to come express and celebrate your passion and love affair for dance with DJ Abheeru and very special guests James Ren and Ben Kin!


Why do you love dancing?
- How passionate are you about movement?
- How much freedom do you feel when you dance?
- Do you get a natural 'high' when your body moves to the music?
- What do you prefer: dancing alone and be introspective?
- Or connect with a friend, merge with a lover and be expressive?
- Do you dance like no one is watching?
- Or do you like when others are watching?
- What inspires you when you watch other dancers?
- Is dancing part of your spiritual practice or just plain fun?
- Do you go wild and crazy or enjoy the subtlety of movement?
- Or is it some or all of the above???


Whatever your answers are, come express and groove to uplifting and infectious dance tracks from all corners of the world with DJ Abheeru and guests percussionist James Ren and saxophonist Ben Kin!


James has worked with renowned musicians and DJs all over Canada. He is always ready to make everyone dance with his fiery solos while also being known to offer groovy, happening rhythmic support (more in his BIO below).


Get ready to boogie to a bunch of newly discovered beats, rhythms and melodies that will infused the dance floor with the vibrations of freedom, fun and expression…


7:30 pm :: Optional Active Meditation
9:00 pm :: DJ Abheeru + James Ren & Ben Kin

Events - Event 2




w/ DJs Abheeru + Raghunath Khe

Sound Bath by Gin Perry

More details coming soon...

Events - Event 3
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