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Journeys are intentional dance events held in nonverbal communication only that build on the transformational power of music and dance to guide you on a journey of personal exploration, discovery and expansion.


Journeys, held on 5th Fridays, combine a unique lightly guided theme, infectious World Beat music, and open space for you to dance your journey to a deeper place. 


Each Journeys is a unique and co-created event. The themes are presented by different guest dance or movement facilitators who shares their passion and expertise by adapting their expertise to the Journeys format. Guest and resident DJ(s) delve in their Global Fusion music collection to create a soundtrack that directly support each step of the process. Finally, how the dancers respond to each stage influences how the facilitator and DJs adapt the process.

We strongly invite you to arrive early (9 pm) for the opening circle during which the intention and the overall arch (steps) of the Journeys will be detailed. The process ends with a closing circle that facilitates integration. All Journeys are preceded by an optional active meditation at 7:30 pm.

Journeys - Next


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JOURNEYS are intentional dance event and are different then regular Just Dance.

JOURNEYS are offering you opportunities to dance to a specially created transformational themes. Each JOURNEYS brings a guest movement facilitator who co-creates with a guest DJ who in turns, fine tunes his/her music set to support the theme and its stages. The result is sure to inspire and move your body and soul!

More details coming soon...

More info & RSVP on the Facebook Event Page

Journeys - Past


A very partial list of past Journeys events:


- Dance of Polarities: dance through archetypes and inner journey

- Kundalini Dance: transformational dance using chakras energy

- Freedom Dance: experiencing dance with manifest and activation

- Roots: travelling to the roots of African of our tribal energy

- Alchemy of Sensuality: engaging our senses in a playful way

- Soulful Steps: using 5Rhythms & liberate the body to a soulful life

- Union: bridging the masculine and feminine polarities to union

- Dialogue: connecting to others through movement & nonverbal 

- Fools Play: explore movement with playful being and impulses

- Gratitude: using Psyonic yoga as a fusion of dance and yoga

- Trance Dance: using Frank Natale to go dance deep to our source

- Vocal Play: using the voice and dance as transformational tools

- Alchemy of Peace: dance from the abyss to the bliss

- Water Dance: making essential connection to ourselves with water

- Kundalini Dance: attuning to deep stillness through movement

- Earth Prayers: dance intentionally to the flow of nature

- Connecting Tribes: expanding circles of connection with dance

- Devotion: using sacred sound to move beyond mind & limitations

- Reflections: deep inner reflection and dance at the winter solstice

- Extatic Wave: body and soul movement to free the spirit

- .... and many, many more

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