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About - Core - Abheeru



Originally from Quebec City, Abheeru discovered World Music first hand during his many travels to over 40 countries. After settling in Vancouver, he was inspired by the community and  environment, and created Just Dance.

Since then, he has cultivated a profound and rapturous relationship to Global Fusion music, DJing, community service and dancing. He has produced, promoted and DJed more than 600 events for over 55,000 dancers, all in the spirit of service as he has always wanted for JD to donate all of its proceeds to local charities and nonprofit groups. For over two decades, he continues to innovate, inspire and promote new musical concepts for the Vancouver dance community.

As a DJ, Abheeru is known for taping into an extensive palette of genres and styles from far-reaching locations around the world. His main passion is to infuse and mix a wide-range of musical organic elements and instruments from many diverse cultures and to blend those with delectable modern dance beats. The results are exquisitely creative dance sets that will keep your dancing soul and shoes happy.

About - Core - Raghunath



Raghunath Khe has been an intrinsic part of the evolving conscious dance culture for more than 20 years. An innovative producer and dj, he is interested in the transformational properties of music and movement, connection and community.


He has previously released three solo albums under the moniker Haitchc, and has composed multiple original film scores. He is currently working on his forth studio album.

Raghunath is a brahmana initiate within the brahma sampradaya (lineage), having spent several uninterrupted years as a monk studying and serving in temples both in Canada and India. He belongs to the sodalities of bhakti, tantra, ashtanga, and through familial succession, draoidh healing practice.


Regularly performing, teaching, and organizing events, he is the co-founder of Full Moon Medicine (lower mainland bc), and co-resident dj at Vancouver’s long-running Just Dance event. He has also contributed musically and otherwise to many festivals and gatherings internationally. A long-time radio presence, he is currently the host and producer of Mantra Radio on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver.

About - Core - Kashub



If you have been attending Just Dance in past few years, you have experienced the mastery of our resident VJ (Visual Jockey) who has brought the added dimension of light being projected in mesmerizing laser and planar fashion, all moving in sync to the dance beats. VJ Kashub has since developed a following who has showed a desire to know more about him and the visual twist he adds to our music scene.

His VJ name stems from the tribe of his ancestry situated along what is now the Baltic Coast of Poland. The tribe, now dispersed and displaced, lived peacefully isolated amidst sand dunes and swamps along the Baltic since before the dawn of the State of the Teutonic Order some 800 years ago. VJ Kashub brings powerful visual projections to induce a spiritual scene so as to reacquaint long lost souls of his ancestry onto our dance floor.

About - Core - Christine



Christine guides our early optional active meditation; The Osho Kundalini Meditation. She begins by introducing the 4 steps of this one-hour experience while inviting everyone to bring curiosity to what is within. Christine then joins in this practice to support a heart-centered and safe space. Participants have expressed feeling encouraged to connect deeper with their body as they experience freedom from an overstressed mind and an expansion of their spirit into growth and potential. Or in other words, a great cleanse from the busyness of the week.


Christine is originally from Cologne Germany, where the renowned Osho UTA Institute is located. She brings her expertise, experience, energy and empathy as a Mental Fitness Trainer for Positive Intelligence™ and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She also is a Trauma-Informed Professional, JourneyDance Guide, Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Practitioner of Reiki through Master Heidi Scholtz and participant of Enlightenment Intensives with Master Murray Kennedy, always honoring Osho's wisdom: “What is the purpose of knowing the whole world if you don't know yourself?”  

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