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About - Society - What it is


Just Dance is part of the Just Dance Society, an officially registered BC nonprofit society. While the basic premise of our society is to offer positive, vibrant and community-based dance events, we are also dedicated to spreading the good vibes to great causes and less fortunate communities. For the last 28 years, Just Dance has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to local charities and nonprofit organizations.

To keep our operational costs to a minimum, Just Dance events are supported by a fabulous crew of volunteers. For more info on volunteering, click on this FAQ - Volunteer link or email us with any questions or to join in.

About - Society - Criterias


Here are some of the guidelines we use to select recipients of our donations. The organization needs to follow a nonprofit or charity model. We give priority to local groups that make a positive difference in the lives of many. Since the amount we donate to each group is relatively modest, we now focus on contributing to small and medium size projects so we can make a greater posititve impact. If your orga-nization would like to be considered, email us and tell us more about your initiaves. 

We regret to say that we cannot donate to individuals.

About - Society - Our donations


A very partial list of organizations that Just Dance has donated to:

- B.E.S.T. (support transformation to sustainable transportation)
- W.E.C.L. (provides legal advice and environmental law for BC)
- Earthsave Vancouver (supports ethical awereness of food choices)
- The Covenant (a downtown shelter for teenager)
- KindActs (a local organization promoting kind acts in schools)
- Thrive (a local society promoting environmental conservation)
- Dance Moves Vancouver (promotes healthy dancing opportunities)

- Blessed Coast (events promoting sustainability & stewardship)

- Amerikua (supports indigenous women and children)

- Vancouver Sacred Dance Festival (promotes cultural integration)

- Imagine 1 Day (locals creating schools for 41,000 Ethiopian kids)
- SEVA (supports the sight restoration in the developing world)
- EmoWell (dedicated to educate and inspire Emotional Wellness)
- Yoga Outreach (offers yoga to those who cannot afford it)
- Thrive (supports sustainability projects in Vancouver)
- Feed (provides lunch hour programs in East side school)
- Inspire Health (provides integrated care for people with cancer)
- Oshozen (a local meditation center offering free ressources)
- EarthDance (promotes peace through International events)
- Vancouver Food bank
- AIDS Vancouver


About - Society - Donate



If you love Just Dance and would like it to continue to thrive, this is your opportunity to donate to our nonprofit Society. Those donations will help us with our very basic operational costs, give us the opportunity to spread the word about our events through marketing, help us invest in equipment, all of which will help to keep Just Dance fabulous and vibrant.

We are also prepared to offer benefits to those interested in donating larger amounts. Email us if you have any questions, would like to tell us where you want your donation to be directed to or would like to use another method than PayPal.

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