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$20 in advance

$25 at the door



Opening set by DJ Raghunath Khe

Closing set by DJ Abheeru 

Brace yourself for an EPIC evening of dance with an ALL STAR live performance featuring some of the best original Global Fusion music! This will certainly be THE event of our Just Dance Season 26!

Please bring your printed receipt

or scanned code on your phone

MONKEY DRAGON is the brand new live project of Emmy and Juno Nominated composer **Adham Shaikh** and Soul Reggae Warrior **Buckman Coe**!!

Each of those two artists have amazed crowds internationally. They are also prolific musicians and consummate performers with tremendous solo careers. With Monkey Dragon, they have joined their passion and musicality and will certainly raise the roof when they perform for us.

The Musical navigations of these Interstellar Dubsters explore the global sounds of dub funk ska and electronica at the intersections of culture and contemporary social issues.

They will be joined by very special guests Harvey Paris and Lamar Alviar on trumpet, sax, keyboard and vocals.

Add to this live musical extravaganza will be sets by 2 Just Dance co-resident DJs! DJ
Raghunath Khe will warm up the floor to a frenzy with an opening set and DJ Abheeru will come on boards after the band to extract your every last dance moves! 

This amazing Global Fusion music blast will be complimented by a custom designed visuals by VJ Kashub! They will capture the lush organic world textures of the music, as well as a technological overlay of futuristic patterns and shapes working with light and colour to enhance the audio experience.

Don't be disappointed and get your tickets early plus save 20%! Simply click one of the BUY NOW button. Your ticket will be at the door. Please bring either your printed receipt or scan code on your phone.

More info & RSVP on the Facebook Event Page


Adham Shaikh

Adham Shaikh is a Emmy and Juno nominated world fusion composer and electronic artist with 25 years experience rocking dance floors around the globe with his unique blend of natural and electronic sounds. With releases on labels such as Interchill, Black Swan and his own imprint Sonic Turtle Records, Shaikh’s discovery covers ground from the ambient to the floor filling uptempo. 


His collaborative projects DreamTree, and Outowrld Orkestra, bring together musicians of diverse talents and skills and blends them ino captivating and inspiring live performances.

Buckman Coe

Buckman Coe is a seasoned performer, touring and performing at festivals in Canada, United States, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Buckman Coe raises it with his stylings of soulful R&B and rootsy world rhythms. Not unlike his soulful influences who deliver messages of social justice, humanity and love, Buckman Coe does not shy away from facing the issues of the day. Coe masterfully re-sculpts the conversations away from the binary of a political left or right and towards the universal goal of seeking romantic and spiritual well-being for everyone.


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